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To win over any audience, the presenter must appear confident, self-assured, have a thorough understanding of their subject as well as convey enthusiasm. Here are some of my favorite tips to ensure a successful presentation.

The following are some of the talented and amazing professionals with whom I have had the opportunity to work.

Michael Fratangelo, Fine Artist, Painter

Michael is a talented young artist with a unique and instinctive style. Michael does commissioned work in metaphysical portraits, capturing a person's spirit and story in color and shape.

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Notary in Your Neighborhood

Carmella is a valued member of the Notary in Your Neighborhood team - a full-time mobile notary business designed to travel to your location whenever you need a document notarized for yourself, your business, or your client. Efficiently meeting your scheduling needs is the top priority of this notary service.

Visit the Notary in Your Neighborhood website
Jennifer Cares

Jennifer Cares is the website of Pittsburgh TV Personality Jennifer Antkowiak. The website includes Jennifer's calendar and blog as well as a wealth of information designed to make life easier for caregivers.

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Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions is an award winning design firm, and we are proud to say, the designer of our fabulous logo. Drawing Conclusions' focus is on offering design with direction. They believe that good design is about more than just looking good; it's an interaction among words and images to create great communication.

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Know Where to Go in Pittsburgh

The folks at Know Where to Go have a passion for their hometown of Pittsburgh and they want to share what they know with those who live, work and visit our great city. They designed the Know Where to Go in Pittsburgh website to help you discover the city's hidden secrets and the best of Pittsburgh.

Visit the Know Where to Go in Pittsburgh website
Dr. Nancy Mramor

Dr. Nancy is a Media and Health Psychologist, Media Expert, Award-Winning Author and Professional Speaker. As a licensed clinical, media and health psychologist she specializes in radio, TV, technology and print as they impact the consumer and health issues.

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Finleyville Flower Shop

The Finleyville Flower Shop is a treasure tucked away in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The shop is owned by Cindy Miller, an event florist and instructor at the Phipps Floral Design Program. Cindy and her staff do beautiful custom arrangements utilizing both fresh flowers and high-end silk products.

Visit the Finleyville Flower Shop website
Two-Eyed Designs

Two-Eyed Designs is owned by freelance web designer Shannon Miller. Shannon designed our website with the same passion and energy she puts into all of her projects. She is that rare combination of creative and logical. Her philosophy is about bringing great function to beautiful design.

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