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Carmella Wehrle and Corporate Workability have a proven record of success in helping professionals shine. Her unique skill set is sought out by leaders in the fields of entertainment, medicine and business.

Speaking Engagement Support

Carmella's experience includes coordinating book signing events and speaking engagements for authors. From planning and coordination to on-sight management, Corporate Workability handles all administrative and logistical details so that the speaker can focus on their subject and their audience, assuring a successful event. Carmella's passion is elevating the event's experience for both the speaker and the audience.

Licensed PA Notary

Carmella is a valuable member of the Notary in Your Neighborhood team - a full-time mobile notary business designed to travel to your location whenever you need a document notarized for yourself, your business, or your client. As a Notary licensed by Pennsylvania Association of Notaries, Carmella notarizes all types of documents, from Acknowledgements and Affidavits to Powers of Attorney, and other documents as needed.

Special Projects

Carmella specializes in managing projects of all sizes. Whether your company has a special project that needs an expert touch or just too many projects and not enough resources, Carmella's energy and organizational skills will effectively and efficiently steer your project towards a successful outcome.

Customer Service

Customer Service is all about customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations. Carmella has an amazing ability to connect with people. She will represent your business as if it were her own - and celebrate your success.

Special Events

Carmella is creative and resourceful, a winning combination in designing and delivering special events. From conception and pre-planning to on-site management, partnering with Corporate Workability guarantees a successful event for both your organization and your audience.


In the current business environment, networking is essential to business success. It is not only one of the most important forms of advertisement but also a powerful exchange of ideas and knowledge. Carmella's networking expertise as well as her extensive professional network are valued and sought out by industry leaders in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.


Publicity is one of Carmella's many strengths. Her effervescent personality and exceptional people skills have led to successfully selling every product with which she has been associated. Carmella is the definition of a "people person". Her energy and optimism are contagious.

Event Planning

Carmella has more than 20 years experience in Corporate Event Planning. She has conceptualized and coordinated meetings, events and special engagements of all sizes. Her polished and effortless style make her events an unforgettable experience for presenters and attendees alike.

Client/ Staff Appreciation

Taking the time to show colleagues, employees and clients your appreciation and acknowledging their accomplishments is one of the most important investments in your success. As the author of "80 Creative Ways to Appreciate Your Staff", Carmella is the perfect partner to coordinate your appreciation events and activities.


Corporate Workability offer strategic marketing planning that will empower you to reach your organizational goals. Carmella is a seasoned business relations specialist with proven successes in anticipating the needs and wants of a wide range of customers.

Mailing Services

Let Carmella handle your direct mail marketing needs. From design to implementation, she will work with your designer or create and coordinate fliers, corporate communications and company Christmas cards.

Executive Assistance

Carmella has a lengthy career working with executives to assist with event planning and coordination, document creation and office management.