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Carmella is extremely respected and well known in her field and she has helped me gain access to many sales, fund raising events and networking groups just by letting me use her name as an introduction. When Carmella is at an event with Pretzel Crazy, I am always impressed by her marketing strategies and ability to help sell my product. She has offered sales advice and has never been wrong. Pretzel Crazy would not be where it is today without the guidance of Carmella. The doors that have opened and the events where I have been able to represent Pretzel Crazy is astounding. Any business looking for help in marketing or increasing their business would be wise in choosing Carmella.

Sheri Powell, Pretzel Crazy
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Carmella is a dynamic, energetic, "people person". Every job or task she does, she gives 100% - always producing top quality results. Carmella thrives on working with people and excels at developing partnerships that are a win-win for everyone involved. I've never seen anyone as self-motivated as Carmella. She is an optimistic "go getter" that is an asset to any business. She believes in her clients' products and services as much as they do and is a tireless promoter in her efforts to achieve customers' goals.

Rhonda Coast, International Development Resources
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Carmella, my sincere appreciation for all the work you did before and during our customer appreciation event. I don't know what we would have done without your help in everything from designing our invitations, pre-planning and excellent site selection. Our customers had a great time and the celebration of our 30th year in business went off without any problems.

David A Babcock, President, Compu-Fix, Inc.
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Carmella is a connector; she connects people with people and people to events that would benefit them. I have had the pleasure of working with Carmella, attending programs with her, and watching her work with colleagues. She is attentive to details, thinks ahead, and remains energetic, professional, and pleasant. She averts disasters, seeks out solutions and people needed, and does everything she can to anticipate and fulfill clients' needs. She is indispensable and I can't wait to work with her again!

Laura Crooks, certified wellness coach, RN, speaker, You Bloom Wellness.
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Carmella is a powerful woman to have along side of you. She is honest, smart and savvy. She accompanied me to speaking engagements to set up and help manage the groups. When I arrived everything was done, on time and as designed. Oh, wait, maybe I should not be telling you this! Alright, we need to share. Carmella is a gift. I want her with me when I need a true professional.

Sanna Carapellotti, Pittsburgh Medical Hypnosis.
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Carmella is a terrific people person and a hard worker willing to go the distance to achieve company goals and objectives. Her creativity and resourcefulness in event planning aided in the success of several promotions we coordinated together.

Lori Kozemchak, Simon Properties.
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Working with Carmella has been very helpful for my business. She works behind the scenes, keeping everything orderly and organized, and makes me look like I am completely organized and efficient. My sales and bookings have gone up significantly now that I have time to speak to my audience instead of working my table. I recommend her for any speaker, author, or coach who needs to streamline their tasks and look great to the public!

Beth Caldwell, Author, Speaker, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Professional Women
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Everything she does is so well-organized and full of kindness; these qualities have the effect of instantly eliminating stress. I am quite sure that Carmella is one of those women who began working at a time when "executive assistant" meant something akin to vice president in terms of today's duties and nomenclature. I would like to see her in a position where her gifts, talents, and abilities will be put to good use--with commensurate appreciation for her devoted service.

Jennifer "RJ" Phillips, Columnist, Restaurant Critic, Publisher

Carmella starts a project and sees it through to the end. She is a go getter and would be a strong asset to your company or business. You will not be disappointed.

Donna Cranmner, Americom